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Ako Onsen(Hot Spring) Shiosai-Kirara Syokichi


Ako Onsen Shokichi in Hyogo Prefecture is a hot spring inn featuring open-air bathes that you can reserve time for private bathing. Here at Shokichi Inn, we select the freshest vegetables grown locally and seafood caught in Seto Inland Sea for our guests to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Located at the tip of Ako Misaki that was selected as "best 100 sunsets of Japan", our lobby area, bathes and guest rooms provide you with the perfect places to enjoy a view of the ocean.

Relax and make yourself at home in this traditional Japanese inn that values genuine "hospitality" more than anything.


Guest rooms 25. Japanese-style rooms 15. Japanese, western-style rooms 10.(each western room features low profile bed for tatami mat) All rooms are equipped with Shower, Air-conditionng, Television, Refrigeartor. Guest Services: Indoor Bath, Open-Air Bath, Bath, Sauna,Outdoor Pool, Banquet Room, Restaurant, Lounge Area,Spa.



◆ Okayama Airport
  Okayama Station [JR Shinkansen Line]
  Aioi Station [JR Shinkansen Line]
  Bansyu Ako Station [JR Line]
  Ako Misaki Bus Stop [Shinki Bus]

◆ Kansai International Airport
  Shin Osaka Station [JR Shinkansen Line]
  Aioi Station [JR Shinkansen Line]
  Bansyu Ako Station [JR Line]
  Ako Misaki Bus Stop [Shinki Bus]

We offer a free pick-up service from Ako Station to our inn .
Pick-up time is 14:45 or 15:45.Advance reservations are required because the seat availability is limited.
If all the seats are fully booked,please use the public transport.
(For Reservations) (+81)791-43-7600
And we also offer a free transportation service at 10:45 on the following day from our inn to Ako Station or the area of Ako Castle.


・The rate for elementary school students is calculated at 70% of the adult rate.
・Bath fee of \150 per adult will be charged separately.

Cancellation Policy 
No Show 100% of the room rate
Accommodation Day 100% of the room rate
1 Day prior to Accommodation Day 50% of the room rate
From 2 Days to 6 Days prior to
Accommodation Day
20% of the room rate
From 7 Days prior to Accommodation Day 10% of the room rate

◆Check in/CheckOut

Check in: 15:00 /CheckOut: 11:00.
* If check-in and check-out time are set for each accommodation plan, its check-in and check-out time will be followed.

◆Sightseeing Spots

・Himeji Castle

National Tresure Himeji Castle. Registered as the first Japanese world cultural heritage.Take JR line from Banshu Ako Station and get off at Himeji Station.


・Ako Karasen Sun Beach

It is a shoaling beach that is safe for children and just 5 minutes away by car from our inn.


・Ako Misaki

Only 1 minute on foot from our inn.This superb scenic spot is part of the Seto Inland Sea National Park.


・Special Historic Spot Former Shizutani School

40 minutes by car from our inn.This is the oldest school in Japan.


◆For More Information

Ako Onsen Shiosai-Kirara Syokichi:
Address: 2-8 Misaki, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, 678-0215,JAPAN
TEL:(+81)791-43-7600 FAX:(+81)791-42-1241
E-MAIL to: ako-shokichi@nifty.com